Organics food waste solutions


Organic waste is probably what we’re most familiar with in our day-to day lives. The leaves you rake in your yard, the banana peel you throw out each morning, or what you clear off your dinner plates each evening. Organic waste encompasses any waste material that comes from plants or animals and is biodegradable.

Marketing and sales


Composting can be approached in two main ways.

The solid waste management approach, wherein composting is a way of treating organic waste within the solid waste management system. 

The marketing approach, wherein composting is a way of producing a valuable product that can be sold. Compost is the core of all sustainable activities. 

Consultancy and mentorship


Our learning approach offers you the opportunity to train and advise in ascending and descending composting. We are trained to act as a counselor, teacher and listener, fostering an environment of professional growth.

Business and project development


Converting urban solid wastes into compost forms will have social, economic and environmental benefits; and helps to reduce GHG emissions.